Chapter 20 “I dreamed of you,” he said.

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Last Chapter!   Thanks for reading and happy Memorial Day.

            Amelia walked into the room and stared unblinking into Scarlett’s flashlight.  Her eyes reflected fire in the glow of its beam. 

            She pointed the gun at Lazarus and Scarlett, who stood off to the side and said, “I need you to leave now.  You are in my way.”

            Scarlett grabbed Lazarus’s hand.  In the darkness, he heard the boards behind and left of him shift as Pyrle moved his body weight.  There was another growl.

            “I have to kill that man, that monster, that pig,” Amelia said, “before anybody else gets hurt.”

            Lazarus replied, “No one has died so far and no one has to.  We can send him to jail.  That way you won’t have to go to jail either.”

            Amelia huffed and cocked the gun, “Yeah?  On what proof?  He’s a lawyer and from what you told me, Lazarus, he is supported by lawyers who are willing to do anything because of their depraved state of being.”

            A whisper behind them, “Lazarus.  You should not have spoken.”

            Lazarus shifted from foot to foot.  Scarlett took a step forward in front of Lazarus. 

            “You can’t do this Amelia.  We’re trained to prosecute by the law.  There’s no room for vigilantes.”

            “Shut up, witch.  As far as I’m concerned, you’ve got Lazarus brainwashed and are brainwashed yourself.”

            Then the night lit up, and there was the sound of thunder, followed by a wet slap on the floor.  The flashlight’s beam spun madly as it fell to the ground.  Scarlett charged Amelia and pushed her through the room and into the glass doors of the balcony, using the gun to push against her chest.  The two of them crashed through the glass and onto the floor.  The boards shrieked in protest.  Scarlett pushed herself up, one hand on Amelia’s chest and the other digging into the broken glass next to her.  Amelia laid still but moaning, a trickle of blood emerging as a black shiny stream in the moonlight from under her back.   Scarlett kicked the gun through the railings beams, and it clattered through them to land on the ground below. 

            The wind blew Scarlett’s hair into her eyes.  She pushed it out and then rain back inside into the now pitch black room.  Scarlett squatted down and pulled the limp form of Lazarus into her arms.

            She whispered, “Baby.  Why did you do that?  Why did you jump in front of the gun?  You don’t even like Pyrle.  I was supposed to protect him.  We are all supposed to protect each other at the firm.”

            Lazarus did not respond but lay falling away from her.  She buried her head in his bloody chest inhaling the coppery scent of blood and Lazarus’s own particular scent of Old Spice and dry autumn leaves. 

            Scarlett pulled her head up, half of her face smeared with blood, “Pyrle, where are you?  I know you are here.  I can feel it.”

            “Quite,” he said, from within the darkness.

            “Save him,” she cried, “He saved you.”


            Scarlett’s head whipped around, trying to find the source of his voice, “Pyrle!”

            “You save him.”

            It was a whisper, but it was right behind her.  The boards had not shifted when he had moved.  The wind now kicked up, making the sheets on the furniture dance to invisible music.

            “Give him your blood.”

            “What?” she asked.

            “Give him your blood as Surn gave you his.”

            “And turn him into this?” she asked, putting a hand on her chest but still not turning around, “He would hate that.”

            “You won’t.  It’s the only way to save him.  Now, I must feed.”

            Scarlett did not hear him leave the room until something shifted on the broken glass and the wood groaned on the balcony.  A piece of glass landed next to Scarlett in the room, just barely catching the moonlight.  She laid Lazarus down, ignoring the muffled cries coming in from the balcony and straddled him.  Leaning down on his wet chest, the blood immediately began to soak into her clothes.  It was still warm against her skin.  Without taking her eyes off Lazarus’s face, she groped around for the piece of glass and brought it up to her neck. 

            “Baby,” she said, “I love you.  You have to drink.”

            He did not respond, so she opened his mouth.  She put her neck as close to his mouth as possible and used the glass to open up her carotid artery.  Using the control she learned from Surn, she allowed the blood to flow in a steady but controlled stream into his mouth.  At first it began to pool, but then his throat started working and swallowing.  Scarlett stopped it after about a pint of blood, so as not to kill him, and a clot formed over her wound, scabbing up.  He began breathing more steadily, and she felt his stomach moving against hers.  Slow up and down. 

            Scarlett tried to push herself off of him, but she was unable.  Giving the blood had made her weak.  She kissed him on the lips.  Scarlett rested on top of him.

            As her breathing slowed to a resting pace and just before she fell asleep, she whispered, “Pyrle will leave us alone now.”

            The seven-thirty sunbeams pierced through the remaining bits of broken glass and came to rest on the still figures of Scarlett and Lazarus.  They were caked in blood, dust, and dirt.  Around them lay perforated sheets on the furniture and the broken glass from the balcony doors.  The light revealed the utter decrepitude of the interior of the house, cracked walls and peeling paint as well as rotted floors and disintegrating furniture.  It was a house left to die on its own. 

            Lazarus stirred and woke Scarlett.  She sat up on top of him and smiled.  Unbuttoning his shirt, Scarlett felt the newly healed skin on the right side of his chest, where the bullet had removed a large chunk of his bone and flesh.  He glanced down at it, a look of confusion on his face. 

            “I got a promotion,” she said, “Need to know.”

            “I dreamed of you,” he croaked.

            “I know.”

                        Chapter 19

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  3. Aspiring Writer said,

    wow!!! you really are a brilliant writer, this was WAY better than Sunset, and damn, that was good already! I look forward to reading more of your work in the future!!!!

  4. timtheyounger said,

    thanks. i am glad you liked it. i hope to write more as soon as i have some time.

  5. Josh said,

    That was really good man hope your next one will be just as good because that was great.Is the next one going to be vampire’s as well?

  6. timtheyounger said,

    thanks. i’m glad you liked it. we’ll have to see what the next one will bring. i hope it includes vamps.

  7. Josh said,

    Mean as that would be good if it did, what made you choose vampires originally? If you don’t mine me asking

  8. timtheyounger said,

    from reading great horror books by David Wellington. A lot of his stuff is online. He has a good vampire and good zombie trilogy each.

  9. Josh said,

    Yea I read those as well they pretty good to, Ive only been able to read one of his vampire ones because the others are not online and I haven’t been able to find any in NZ. He has 4 vamp books doesn’t he?

  10. timtheyounger said,

    i think so. it’s been a while since i’ve been over there

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