by timothy sparklin

I would like to mention Mike Attebery’s Billionaires, Bullets, and Exploding Monkeys.  Not vampires, but a fun read which just got published!  read/buy

welcome or welcome back (if you are one of the lucky ones). this is my second vampire novel.   it is completed.

step into Lazarus’s world as he struggles to figure out what’s really happening at his law school, which is turning out crack lawyers to work for a firm shrouded in a hidden but undeniablely powerful past where rumors of blood are never far from its name.

as always, thanks goes to online and published horror author David Wellington for inspiring me to get writing.

table of contents
chapter 1
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  1. dada said,

    like the theme!

  2. timtheyounger said,


  3. cainn said,

    good story, just wish it was longer. 5/5

  4. timtheyounger said,

    thank you for reading

  5. kheder said,

    i need alot of novels about horror

  6. nahom said,

    You can find alot of those novels this site,…q-find.se

  7. Anonymous said,

    I want a sequel.

  8. nashreen.kassim@hushmail.com said,

    wow!! it was a great read,love both ur books. i wish it was longer thou. please keep on writing!! i await a new book.

  9. lucky kats said,

    this site sexy

  10. Aiman Fathini said,

    wow…good 🙂

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